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Twister Stirrups

Twister Stirrups - 2in Brand new concept from SA Walls!
These stirrups have the new "Twister" stirrup neck that allows the rider to have the "break in" feel of turned fender. No more having to twist your fender as these stirrups are twisted for you.

SA also included his famous "Slanted" concept tread that allows your foot to rest evenly on the horse. Many people state it helps keep their foot flat in the stirrup without losing your foot in the barrel or pole turn.

The stirrup provides therapeutic comfort on those long trail rides.

SA Walls Twister Slanted Concept takes it one step further. The Twister takes the torque out of knees and ankles, allowing natural alignment of your hip and leg position. Twister Stirrups add the convenience of quickly finding your stirrup if you do lose it!

The Tack Stop has a long relationship with SA and is proud to be the first company to test these stirrups and offer them to our customers!

Try these out, you will love them!
2" or 3" available.

2" - $69.99
$10.00 Shipping

3" - $79.99
$10.00 Shipping

Twister Stirrups

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